MaintenX Completes Seventh Habitat for Humanity House to Help Disadvantaged Family

The home-dedication ceremony included the new homeowner, Yolanda Hovey (center, left side of sign), accompanied by her daughters, Sarah Hovey (behind Yolanda Hovey, on left) and Nicole Hovey (behind Yolanda Hovey, on right), and, from MaintenX (from left to right), Kevin Damron, director, HVAC operations; Disney Herrera, roofing service manager; Roberto Pajon, director, projects; Ismael Rios, quality assurance and safety manager; Amy Abril, marketing and research manager; Herman Wilkinson, vice president, service operations, Mary Ann Velez, account executive; Darren Block, vice president, finance; and Matthew Romens, regional service coordinator.

TAMPA, Fla., June 1, 2023 – MaintenX, one of the largest national facility maintenance and repair companies in the U.S., today announced that it has completed construction and delivery of its seventh Habitat for Humanity house to provide a new home to an economically disadvantaged family. The house was presented to the recipient family, the Hovey family, on May 30 and continues an annual charitable tradition and companywide program that align with MaintenX’s legacy of improving people’s lives through quick, cost-efficient, and expert repair solutions.

A MaintenX team broke ground on the new house on April 1 and worked in partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas and West Pasco Counties to complete construction over a month and a half. The build was funded by a MaintenX investment of over $100,000 and supported by the volunteering of approximately 150 MaintenX employees, including many of the company’s professional carpenters, electricians, and plumbers. The MaintenX team invested a total of 410 hours in working on the home while the homeowner recipient, Yolanda Hovey, contributed over 400 “sweat equity” hours in addition to the team’s time on her own house as well as other homes in the area.

MaintenX finished construction on May 16 and held a ceremony on May 30 to dedicate the new house to the Hovey family. About 45 MaintenX and Habitat employees, family members, and friends attended the event, where Darren Block, vice president, finance, MaintenX, presented the Hovey family with the keys to their new home along with a garage door opener and a $500 Target gift card to help with any desired finishing touches to the house.

“Of all of our company’s accomplishments this year, this will be one of the ones that we’ll be most proud of,” said Amy Abril, marketing and research manager, MaintenX, one of the MaintenX leaders at the event. “We began our partnership with Habitat for Humanity in 2019 as a way to give back to the community, and it’s resonated with our employees beyond our most optimistic expectations. Our professionals have been invaluable in donating their expertise in electrical, plumbing, and HVAC work to build new, clean, safe houses. We hope this is a house that the Hovey family can call home for years to come.”

This year, the MaintenX team built the house for the family of Yolanda Hovey, a single mother of two daughters, one in college and one in middle school. The Hoveys have been seeking a permanent home, and, in some of their previous homes, have struggled with problems such as rat infestation and difficulty in getting electrical and plumbing repairs made by their landlord.

“I cried and prayed, and I thought about how our prayers have been answered,” said Yolanda Hovey, when she found out her family had been selected for a new home through Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas and West Pasco Counties. “I told my kids, and they were overjoyed, with my little girl so excited that she was finally going to get her own room. What I am most looking forward to is having a house with clean air for her. My daughter will no longer have to deal with mold that has caused her allergy problems, and now my children and I will finally be able to have a home where we can feel safe.”

Starting in 2019, MaintenX has provided company financial support and employee volunteer construction service to build one Habitat for Humanity house a year for a disadvantaged family needing a home. The company helped build one house in 2019, two in 2020, two in 2021, and one in 2022. In addition, MaintenX has been a regular sponsor of Habitat for Humanity’s annual Golfing Fore Habitat tournament.

In addition to Habitat for Humanity, MaintenX also has partnerships with the Salvation Army and Metropolitan Ministries that aim to give back to the community through annual programs.

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